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Celebrity Crush

as soon as the B horror movie CHAIN-FACE CLOWN premiered in 1985, no one understood the film would turn into a conventional, recognized as a cinematic tour de driveway – Nicely, less with a pick set of terror movie lovers. The movie’s biggest enthusiast, 29 year-old EMILY LYNESSA always understood she was likely to meet and fall in love with JONATHAN BLAKLEE, mid 40therefore, the celebrity of CHAIN-FACE CLOWN. For Emily, Jonathan is your suitable soulmate; no distinct man contrasts with him. She’s idolized him and the film ever because she is going to have the ability to bear in mind. Emily has variety of CHAIN-FACE CLOWN memorabilia which may impress probably the most enthusiastic fan. But, there is 1 product she’s but to reach – The true lifetime, respiration Jonathan Blaklee.

Duration: 91 min


IMDb: 4.1