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Misty Button

Using a narrative of a caper gone faulty, this black humor arouses the freewheeling émigré heritage of lads fast on money and work and prolonged on thick boozing in the Irish lairs of both Brooklyn and the Bronx. James, who’s just burnt his closing bridge and today lacks every a job along with a partner, teams up with friend Eoin to some for-hire assignment into the racetrack on behalf of slick raconteur Timmy Thomas. At a slipshod attempt at sleight of hands with a couple that would not understand a successful hand in the event they detected you, the boys screw up , putting themselves under heavy responsibility into some clutch of gangsters. There is a particular strategy every time a daring woman using a mushy place for the noise of the hots for dollars units her landscapes on James.

Duration: 88 min


IMDb: 7.7